Be guided by the Holy Spirit

Our verse for the week is found in Romans 8:1.

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, who live and walk not after the dictates of the flesh, but after the dictates of the Spirit.

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Samuel Dawson Stabbed and killed in San Pedro

A man was found stabbed to death in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

According to Police reports, the body of 44 year old Samuel Dawson was discovered in his home on Saturday evening.

Initial investigation revealed that Samuel Dawson, who was working in San Pedro for the past 2 weeks, was taken home on Fr...

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Man shot on San Pedro, bullet lodged in Spine

At 10 pm on Saturday evening,  24-year-old Ivan Aldana,  a Belizean carpenter of San Pedrito Area, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, was shot in his back.

Police say that Mr Aldana was standing by a bar located in San Pedrito Area, San Pedro, when he was approached by a man he knows...

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Cruise ship passenger declared Ebola free

The cruise ship Carnival Magic which caused quite a stir in Belize last Thursday docked in Galvezton, Texas, early Sunday morning, where the health worker tested negative for the Ebola virus to the relief of all Belizeans.

Monday markede 22 days since the woman, only identified as an employee at Tex...

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Drunk Bus Driver arrested and charged

A commercial bus driver has been arrested for drunk driving.

On Friday October 17th...

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BDF Budget not enough

On Friday the Belize Defence Force hosted the media to a press conference at the BDF headquarters in Belize City.

This was the first briefing of its kind since the murder of Special Constable Danny Conorquie.

At the press conference, BDF Commander Brigadier General David Jones told the media about t...

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Is BDF being “Guatemalized”?

Another major concern that has been voiced, by certain members of the general public, is the training that our military personnel are receiving from Kaibil, Guatemala’s special operations force; the irony of it is the blatant fact that Guatemala has a territorial claim on half on Belize’s territory;...

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BDF to NGO partners ; No pics please

On Friday the BDF Commander Brigadier General gave a stern scolding to their partner NGO’s warning them against posting pictures of their operation and their location especially when it compromises the success and safety of the BDF personnel.

Brigadier General David Jones

We have NGOs working w...

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PUC releases RFP report

One year ago the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) started a process of requesting proposals from interested companies, for the purpose of securing adequate electricity generation or supply capacity, to satisfy all reasonable demands for the supply of electricity in the country of Belize for the nex...

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East Store robbery in Corozal

Chinese proprietors in the Corozal District were the victims of an armed robbery on Friday night.

Kunfu Mark, a  59 year old Chinese naturalized Belizean of Corozal Town, reported that on Friday 17th October about 12:20pm, he along with his wife were at their place of business, East Store located on...

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Ex-Athlete charged for burglary

A former basketball player has been charged with burglary and handling stolen goods.

58 year old Daniel Meighan of Belize City pleaded not guilty to the charges before Magistrate Herbert Panton, and was offered bail of $300.

Daniel Meighan is accused of breaking into the home of Shapara Myles, bet...

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Men running from police invade Corozal home

On the morning of Saturday October 18th,  Corozal Police on special operations in San Antonio Village, Corozal District, spotted two men  with a knapsack...

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Ebola Scare Prompts Press Conference

Belize had its first Ebola related scare when Plus TV broke the news on social media on Thursday night. Cruise ship, Carnival Magic, had as one of its passengers a woman who handled some of the samples taken from the Dallas Ebola patient who died.

The US Center for Disease control (CDC) had told hea...

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Government reveals measures to deal with Ebola threat

Earlier in our news cast we told you about the big Ebola scare and the two days of uncertainty that we must monitor, before we can consider ourselves out of the woods...

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BDF hosts press conference on National Security concerns

The BDF held a press conference on Friday, the first of its kind since Danny Conorquie was murdered at the Caracol site on September 25th. National Security issues have come into the public domain since that day, hard and furious...

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