Fatal Traffic Accident in Spanish Lookout

San Ignacio Police are investigating a fatal traffic accident that occurred in an area on Center Road, Spanish Lookout Community.

Police visted the scene at around 2:00 pm on Tuesday September 30th , where they saw a white Toyota Pickup with Guatemala license plates parked at the entrance to Western...

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BISL will not pay ‘unlawful’ tax assessments

Earlier this year the former owners of the IMMARBE and IBC Registries, Belize International Services Limited (BISL), took the Government of Belize to court, charging that they unlawfully assessed taxes owed of over $30 million, dating back to 1993...

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Armed Robberies in Belize City

An armed robbery occurred at Lavish Store on Albert Street, Belize City,  on Wednesday September 30, at 11:30 in the morning.

Two armed men who made off with $1,600.00 cash and a phone valued at $1,000.00.

Police are following several leads as investigation continues.

And also on Wednesday, at abou...

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Professional Standards Branch acts in abuse cases

The Professional Standards Branch of the Police Department has been kept busy over the last few weeks taking complaints from Belize City residents who have suffered at the hands of those called to protect and serve them.

On Wednesday it provided an update on several cases, some of which have seen ch...

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San Pedro Police Officer Charged With Extortion

A  police officer on Ambergris Caye has been charged with extortion. On September 23, a 17-year-old male, along with his mother, reported to San Pedro Police that the day before, his Mother was detained at the San Pedro Police Station for Traffic Offences.

As a result, the teenager and a family fri...

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Maya Mopan Bridge Repaired

Since August of this year, we’ve been reporting on the dilapidated condition of the single lane wooden bridge, that connects the Maya Mopan area to the San Martin Area and by extension the City of Belmopan.

The bridge was closed off to vehicular traffic in mid-August with plans to have it fixed by...

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Orange Walk Central Park to Receive Major Renovations

Major works are to come to the Orange Walk Central Park through the Belize Municipal Development Plan (BMDP), under the umbrella of the Social Investment Fund (SIF).

The project is being financed by the Government of Belize at a total cost of over a three hundred and thirty three dollars via a loan ...

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Senior citizens celebrated on Older Persons Day

Wednesday was the International Day of Older Persons and all this week activities are planned as part of local celebrations of Older Persons Week under the theme, “Leaving No Person Behind-Promoting A Society for All,” which nods at the younger population to begin thinking about the ageing process.

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Second Day of Call to Prayer

Wednesday night, Oct 1st , was the second day of a three day call to prayer by the Evangelical Association.

The days of prayer are in preparation for and to intercede on behalf of those religious leaders who will be meeting with the Prime Minister over the Gender Policy...

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CARICOM consultants in Belize for CARREX meeting

Consumer recalls are a fact of life, however they sometimes come too late to reverse damage or even death caused by faulty equipment or information.

In the Caribbean region a CARICOM Rapid Alert System for Exchange of Information on Dangerous (Non-Food) Consumer Goods, known as CARREX, has been esta...

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Ras Indio Launches Music Video Album

After having spent the September celebrations at home in Belize, Belizean Artist Ras Indio is hitting the road again to California again. He left the country on Wednesday, but not without a parting farewell.

On Wednesday he stopped by our studios to talk about his new album release, “Visions of Life...

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New tourist video of murder at Caracol surfaces on the internet

The murder of Danny Conorquie, a Special constable attached to the Tourism Police, who was shot to the head while he was stationed at the Caracol Mayan Site, has caused national outcry...

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Belizeans protest at the Western Border over the murder of Tourism Police at Caracol Site

Many Belizeans have expressed outrage that  a Belizean Officer in the line of duty was shot down and killed allegedly by Guatemalan poachers; and that it would appear they will not be held accountable.

On Tuesday, about two hundred Belizeans organized for a rally, protesting Government’s handling o...

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Fatal traffic accident at Free Zone in Corozal

There was a fatal traffic accident in the Corozal District on Monday September 29. It happened in the vicinity of the Free-Zone Gate, where a blue Ford Ranger pick-up truck was seen in the middle of the road extensively damaged...

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Belize Bank in court seeking enforcement of arbitral award

Belize’s largest bank, Belize Bank, has been pursuing for several years now the return of some $33...

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