OCEANA prepares for court appeal

In the wake of Wednesday’s landmark consent order in the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) with regard to Maya land rights in Toledo, where the Government is now refused the ability to hand out leases, concessions and other instruments related to land in that District without the informed consent of ...

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OCEANA continues challenge of draft petroleum guidelines

In January of this year OCEANA Belize and Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) issued vehement objections to the draft petroleum guidelines for exploration and extraction developed by the Geology and Petroleum Department of the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utili...

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Murder in Punta Gorda

A former prisoner Frank Castro was gunned down last night in Punta Gorda. 38 year old Frank Castro was serving a 15 year sentence for robbery...

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Somerville dismissed; no charges levied

In October 2013 it was reported that 189 cheques amounting to over $367 thousand dollars were embezzled from the Southern Regional Hospital over the course of three years...

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Despite the sweeping nature of Wednesday’s judgment there remains opposition within the Maya community itself to the very idea of communal land rights. The Alliance and the Alcaldes Association have long maintained that their opponents are ignorant of the scope of the issue or are short-sighted...

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Update on Developments in Belmopan

In January earlier this year two contracts were signed under the banner of the Belize Road Safety Project for the construction of a roundabout at the Guanacaste Park junction – Lot 4A- and the complete uplift of the Belmopan Ring Road- Lot 4B ...

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More Heat Until Next Week!

Fill up your water bottles and put on your sun block because it’s going to be another long week in the heat. While we are in the hot and dry season this past week has been notably hotter. This is expected to continue on until next week...

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A pair of fishermen fined for offences

Belize is currently in closed season for lobster but the lure of a quick buck is irresistible for some and today it cost two fishermen more than $1,500 in fines...

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Toledo Farmer Charged with Drugs

A farmer of San Pedro Columbia, Toledo, was formally arrested and charged this morning after he was busted with 276.6 grams of weed...

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65 Year Old American Drown at Sea

A 65 year old American reportedly drowned at sea earlier this week. According to Police reports at around 2:50 pm on Tuesday April 21st, 45 year old Jonathan Carle saw his father 65 year old John Carle struggling in the sea...

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VIP attacks structure and objectives of Petrocaribe Act

This morning third party Vision Inspired by the People (VIP) hosted the press in Belize City to discuss a number of topics including and particularly the Petrocaribe Loans Act 2015...

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Road Safety Project Plants Mahoganies; Makes it up for Felling Old Tree

Five weeks ago a 75 year old tree at Guanacaste Park Junction, leading into Belmopan, [TREE PLANTING FOOTAGE]was cut down to make way for a  roundabout, a project under the Belize Road Safety Project. This was despite the impassionate pleas on social media to save the tree...

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Internal battle in NTUCB continues

Second vice president of the NTUCB Audrey Matura Shepherd continues to face internal battles with colleagues in the Congress over her public call for the unions to drop Senator Ray Davis...

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Historic second Maya Land Rights Case draws to close

This morning final arguments were heard in the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) for the case of the Maya Leaders Alliance and 23 village leaders and co-leaders of the Toledo District representing 38 Maya villages against the Government of Belize...

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University of Belize Celebrated Earth Day

Today is internationally Recognized as World Earth Day. In commemoration with this special occasion the students of the University of Belize for the 9th year held an open day event to raise awareness to keep the earth clean. Today’s event was held under the theme 10 shades of green...

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