100 houses from Oasis Ministry with Love

Its a big week for Oasis Ministries and an even bigger one for the Body of Christ as Pastor Ron Braaten leads a group of Christians from the USA in the building of the Ministry’s 10th House in Belize. Work to lay the foundations began last week and over the weekend members of pastor Ron’s Board began flying in with supporters representing groups from across America to help build this latest home in the village of Unitedville. Here at PlusTV we have covered several handing over ceremonies where the ministry gives they key to a brand new home to a needy Belizean family. Today we were present at the site for the start of the construction and spoke to pastor Ron Braaten


One hundred homes for needy Belizean families is no small accomplishment by any standard, much less for a Missionary working in belize, We asked pastor Ron to share with us how he has been able to raise the support needed to do this work for God.


We will continue to track the completion of house 100 over the next few days. AS the house is being built in the village of Unitedville, we asked Chairman Mike Juan to comment on the work of Oasis Ministries in his area. The two men are no strangers and have worked together on several projects to improve the lives of Unitedville residents.


As a side note we were quite intrigued when we found out that, coincidentally, the benefactors of house number 100 will be the Chairman’s Next door neighbors!

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