100 Streets of Belize City will be Concreted by Mid-January

Belize city hall picture In that interview with our colleagues at KREM, the Mayor also updated on some infrastructure projects which he expects to be completed by the middle of this month. The Mayor said that over the Christmas holiday, City Hall has been working hard to finalize some of the existing projects to close off what they have been doing and to start a new wave of infrastructure works in 2014.

vlcsnap-2014-01-03-17h49m43s106Darrel Bradley- Mayor of Belize City

“We are doing some finalization; we are on Park Avenue right now; we are on Manam Lace, we are still on Juliet Soberanis; we are finishing up north front street; we are on water lane all the way onto the Vernon Street intersection with Youth for the Future Boulevard; all of those works are supposed to be finished within the second week in January.  That’s going to be finished off our listing of 100 streets.  

We are already in the throws of finalizing additional infrastructure projects.  I had mentioned before that the Ministry of Finance is going to be spending BZE$2.5M on a drainage project.  That has already started along Queen Street.  All of those works are being one by CISCO Construction and  we have identified 21 streets that have recently been concreted and they will use their labour intensive methods which is likely to have a significant impact in job creation and that project will straddle for cementinenting the Old Capitalabout four to five months.  

They have already started and are going to increased vigor as January 6th comes off.  I had also mentioned that we have had some immediate remedial works that we are doing”.

The internal audit of the Council, due to be released this month as well, will feature a cost listing of the streets completed and the amount paid Works are also nearly complete on the BTL Park which had been delayed by incessant rains in December.

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