$10,000 for weed found in man’s underwear

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37 year old Emerson Williams is in debt to the court for the sum of $10,000. That was the fine imposed upon him late this evening after he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking of 189 grams of cannabis.He appeared before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser where he asked to plead guilty to only possession since he claimed the weed was for his personal use and not to sell to anyone.  But the prosecutor objected and so Williams was forced to plead guilty to the stiffer charge of drug trafficking. Williams was searched by police conducting mobile patrol on Partridge Street in Belize City this morning. They found a plastic bag with weed in his underwear. Williams has until October 31st to pay the fine or else he will spend 3 years in prison.vlcsnap-2017-06-16-11h34m38s817

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