11 year old girl dies following snake bite

An 11 year old girl died last night as a result of a snake bite. 11 year old Monique Moro, a student of Teakettle village, was on her way to church on Sunday night when she was bitten by a snake. The little girl was along with her cousin at the time, and after being bitten, they rushed toward home, but Monique collapsed before reaching home and started to convulse. Amelisha Reyes is Monique’s cousin, who was there when the accident happened.

Amelisha Reyes – Cousin:
vlcsnap-2013-02-26-19h24m39s53Well, we may di go down behind this drunken dude pon a bike, and I like the last laughing we ever had together.  The dude he brakes and he nearly drop off ha bike, and then she run back and then I stop and I do stare at this one.  I say “You a run left me.” Then she come back,  Then she like “I may get frightened.”  Then the man tell we say “No, I no hurt,  I just wait for my friend.” We gone like all the way down di laugh, and then we reach she said “Sit in di wood there so.”  I watch and I say “Yea.” And when I turn round so, I see she kick her foot like this, and when she kick it I pull she back, and I tell her one snake.  And then she holla “Yes, I know.  It bite me.”  I grasp her hand and I tell her “Hurry up. Make I go tell somebody.”  We cross the fence, and when I made her go in, she may di hold my hand.  Then she tell me, “I feel dizzy.”  The I like, “No, we so reach.”  And then she holla, “No, I feel dizzy.”  And then she just let go my hand and faint right there so. I’m like maybe she got a seizure or something.

The child was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital then later transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial in Belize City. Unfortunately, little Monique passed away on Monday night. We also spoke with Dianelli Matute, who told us that Monique had to be taken to Belize City because the Belmopan hospital did not have the anti-venom needed to treat the injury.

Dianelli Matute:
vlcsnap-2013-02-26-19h25m49s250So they had to rush her to Belize City, and I heard something about the ambulance too.  Or wasn’t available. At KHMH they did everything they could have done to help her, but they said it’s not the snake [bite] that she died from, it’s the heart.  She had a heart attack.  From the moment that she dropped, she collapsed from the bite, that was a heart attack.  If you get a snake bite, or from anything, where else will you run to but to the hospital, to get medical attention. They should have had that anti-venom. [If they had,] I believe she would have made it.  

PLEASE NOTE THAT: The hospital did indeed have the anti-venom – the child was given 6 vials of the much needed medication. A respirator was the only piece of equipment that was not available. There were also issues regarding the time it took for the  Ambulance to arrive and take the child to KHMH in Belize City.

Monique Moro was a student at the Teakettle Roman Catholic School. Today at the school, her chair was left vacant and her teachers and classmates made cards for her. Jael Vanegas was Monique’s classmate and cousin.

Jael Vanegas – Monique’s classmate and cousin:  
vlcsnap-2013-02-26-19h27m28s220My teacher, they make bow and they put it by her chair and cards.
They never make nobody sit down pon it.
People who gone a we school ask me if I want go home. The Principal already told we, make we come home. 

Just last month we had reported on another little girl from St. Mathews who was bitten by a snake while heading home. She managed to survive, however. The sister of Monique called on the village council to keep the grass low and fix street lights in those dark areas of the village. Belize has some 56 species of snakes, eleven of which are considered as poisonous. Among those are the yellow jawed “Tommy Goff”, the coral snake, various vipers and the Belizean rattlesnake.

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