12 years for teenager Devaughan Goodger who fatally stabbed Jason Pott on March 5, 2011

A moment of madness will cost 22 year old Devaughn Goodger at least seven more years of his life behind bars. Goodger pleaded guilty to the manslaughter death by stabbing of Jason Pott on Cleghorn Street, Belize City 5 years ago, on March 5, 2011. Supreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas at sentencing took into consideration Goodger’s age at the time of the crime – only 17, and that he saved the court time by pleading down, the fact that he showed remorse to all involved and that he had no prior convictions.   However, aggravating factors included a reported threat to the deceased earlier in the day not to come back to his house and that he had grabbed a knife over his mother’s objections before the final vlcsnap-2016-05-20-11h44m16s695confrontation with Pott. One character witness testified to Goodger’s home life and his circumstances before the tragic incident. Devaughn Goodger has been on remand since March 8, 2011, and that time served was deducted; 5 years and 2 months from the 12 years sentence leaving him with only 6 years and 10 months to serve. Pott had just dropped off his four year old son to the home of the main witness, Goodger’s sister with whom he was in a relationship. As he was leaving he was in the company of his cousin and they were approached by a group of three persons including the accused who delivered the fatal wound. Goodger changed his plea following testimony from the main witness who saw what transpired. The case was prosecuted by Crown Counsel Porsha Staine while Goodger was represented by attorney, Bryan Neal.

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