12 yr. young Dies Suddenly, Days after Receiving Tetanus Shot

vlcsnap-2013-12-03-21h48m22s94Last night, authorities were investigating the death of a 12 year old girl who fell ill after receiving a tetanus shot, while her family is trying to come to grips with her sudden passing.  Young Sabrina Almendarez, a student of Independence Village was found motionless around 4:30 am on Friday by her father. She was rushed to the Southern Regional Hospital, but there was nothing that could be done to save her.

Police have since launched an investigation which has revealed that four days prior to her death,on Monday 25th, Sabrina received De-worming, Vitamin C, Folic Acid tetanus shot at Independence Primary School, administered by personnel of the Health Department and since then, she became ill with fever and constant headache.  Sabrina was pronounced dead at 5:40 a.m this past Friday.

Hipodermic needles picturesHer family believes that she died as a result of the vaccination.  We understand that a letter of permission was sent to parents of the school before the vaccinations were administered, but that they were not informed of possible side effects, nor was a background check carried out on the students’ allergy history.

The Director of Health Services at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Michael Pitts has reserved comment on the situation until the Ministry has received a report at the completion of a post mortem examination. We attempted to contact the Officer in Charge regarding the autopsy, but he was not in office today. We are told that Police does not suspect foul play was involved and that no injuries were observed on Sabrina’s body. We understand that at this time, the family of Sabrina Almendarez is seeking legal service.

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