13 Year old Commits Suicide in Corozal Town

A total of three reported suicides took place in the Northern Districts of Corozal and Orange Walk over the weekend. The first incident, occurred on Friday March 7th, in the Santa Rita Area, Corozal Town, at the residence of Police Constable No. 1146 Sotero Salam attached to the Special Branch.

When police responded to the area, they discovered the lifeless body of 13 year old Frances Salam lying face up on the floor with apparent abrasions to her neck area.

Police investigations have revealed so far that at approximately 4:15 pm on that same day PC Salam arrived home along with his wife and two daughters and knocked at the front door.

When no one answered, the 10 year old girl went to the back shed where she found her sister’s lifeless body hanging from a rope that was tied to a wooden beam on the shed.  Police investigations continue.

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