13 year old girl found, parent annoyed with cops

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Since last week Tuesday, 13 year old Jacqueline Carmen Calderon was missing after she was sent to a restaurant on Albert Street, Belize City, to purchase phone credits.  She did not return home and her family has been worried for almost an entire week. Thankfully, Jacklyn has since been found and while the family is relieved that she is safe, they say they are annoyed that police did not inform them when the child was found and left them with an additional night of unnecessary worries. According to reports, police were informed that the minor was in Lucky Strike Village and she was picked up some time last night.  However, according to the child’s mother, the police did not inform her that her daughter had been found and she only discovered this while she was out on Albert Street when someone told her the child had been found and was in the custody of  social workers.  The mother did get to meet with police later this afternoon and it was not until then that she got to see her child. In regards to the child’s disappearance, police have taken statements from several persons and has launched an investigation into the matter.vlcsnap-2015-07-29-09h23m42s170

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