A 13 year old Belize City Minor was shot by a Police Officer over the weekend, after the minor reportedly pointed a loaded firearm at officers. According to reports, officers were tipped off about a male person in possession of a firearm near the intersection of Racoon and Seagull Street. When they arrived on the scene a 13 year old minor fitting the description tried to elude the officers. After setting chase behind the minor officers caught up with him, upon which the minor pulled out a hand gun and pointed it in the direction of the officers. That is when one Police officer fired a shot in the direction of the minor which caught him in the leg. Here is what Police had to say about the incident

Wilfredo Ferrufino, National Crimes Investigation Branch:
On the 2nd of June, sometime around 4:40 p.m., a team of members of the Gang Suppression Unit received information that there was a male individual in possession of a firearm on Antelope Street. As a result, the team visited the location, or made their way to the location, and on arrival, they observed a male individual fitting the description. Upon seeing the police, he proceeded to elude the police, and he rode down on Seagull Street, and went contrary to traffic on Raccoon Street. Upon police encountering him, in front of #22 Raccoon Street, he turned to the police and pointed what – he pointed a firearm in their direction. As a result, one of the officers fired at him, and hit him on his legs. He was transported to the hospital by those officers, and he is listed as stable at the hospital. As soon as he is discharged, he will be charged formally with possession of an unlicensed firearm, ammunition, and aggravated assault.

Officers were able to retrieve a .38 revolver with 5 live rounds from the minor. The minor was not known to the law and Police are unaware if he is gang affiliated.

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