13 years for gun possession and weed

Twenty-two-year-old Darrington Lauriano Jr. was sentenced to thirteen years in prison starting yesterday Tuesday April 14.  This is after police found him with a nine millimeter pistol loaded with eight live rounds of ammunition and a hundred and ninety-six grams of cannabis among his clothing inside a suitcase.  Lauriano had just been released form the Karl Heusner Memorial hospital after receiveing treatment for a gunshot wound to his shoulder that he had received while in San Pedro a few days earlier. As Lauriano stood in the parking lot of the hospital, police approached him and conducted the search and made the discovery of the gun, ammo, and drugs.  Magistrate Herbert Panton found Lauriano guilty of three counts and sentenced him to a total of 13 years,   two consecutive five-year sentences for firearm and ammunition possession , plus an additional three years for drug trafficking.

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