130 new police officers to hit the streets

vlcsnap-2013-03-20-11h18m27s148A record breaking number of police trainees graduated from the Police Training Academy this afternoon. After months of intensive physical and mental preparation, recruit squad number 88 stood proudly at their passing out ceremony. Minister of National Security,  Hon. John Saldivar addressed the graduates this afternoon. He said that the 130 recruits come at a crucial time when Belize needs more police officers on the streets. He went on to  say what makes squad number 88 a very special group.

John Saldivar – Minister of National Security:  
vlcsnap-2013-03-20-11h13m14s187In selecting the members of Recruit Squad #88, it’s the first time that we have employed some new techniques in that selection process. First of all we want to congratulate the 38 women of this Recruit Squad #88.  It is unprecedented in the History of the Belize Police Department that we have so many women as a part of a Recruit Squad.  Please give them a round of applause.

Another reason the squad is a historic squad, according to the Minister is because for the first time, the police academy  stuck almost to the letter for requirement to enter the police training academy.

John Saldivar – Minister of National Security:  
vlcsnap-2013-03-20-11h26m57s53I am happy to say that over 50% of the Recruit Squad, which means over 65 of the menbers of this Recruit Squad are in possession of an Associates Degree. This is a very important milestone, because as we move into a new era of Policing, though we still need the brawn, and we’ll have to do something about producing taller children, though we still need the brawn we have been called upon more and more to use our brains.  It is with great pleasure that I say that this Recruit Squad is indeed the most academically qualified that we have ever recruited in the history of the Police Department.

The Minister said that they are determined to bring back a sense of security to Belize and as early as July of this year, another  recruit squad should be in training at the police training academy in Belmopan.

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