14 Marching Bands Parade Through Belmopan Streets

vlcsnap-2013-03-25-19h57m58s31The underdogs came out on top in the ninth annual Band Fest. The Belize Band Fest 2013 kicked off in Belmopan on Saturday, where 14 marching bands paraded through the streets of the capital city. They then made their way to the FFB Stadium where a throng of supporters from every corner of the country eagerly waited for their favorite band to throw it down on the field. The day was filled with drumming, dancing, and much heat. But the bands pushed on and the competition ended in an upset for the premier bands and victory for the up and coming bands. In the Drum Corp category, Holy Redeemer Marching Band snatched first place, second went to Delille Marching Band and Belmopan Active Youth Band, in their first appearance in the competition, won third place.  Here’s what leader of the Belmopan group, James Gentle, had to say about their feat.

James Gentle – Leader of the Belmopan Band:
vlcsnap-2013-03-25-19h58m48s44We always wanted to have a band in Belmopan. We never had the opportunity to get one before, but the powers that be allowed us to have a band that we wanted to enter.  Actually we were supposed to just participate.  We never were supposed to compete, but we realized that the kids were really good, and we got the opportunity to compete, and that’s what lead us here.  To win third place on our first try, for us it’s like first.

They also won Best Uniform. James also spoke about this win and told us what’s next for the young and budding group.

James Gentle – Leader of the Belmopan Band:
I was shocked. Everybody’s uniform was wonderful. It was good.  It was beautiful.  I was just grateful, honored, humbled, and appreciate the opportunity to even participate in Band Fest, representing Belmopan, considering it was in Belmopan this year, and to come back with a victory.

What plan for next year?

James Gentle – Leader of the Belmopan Band:
First place.  
We’re definitely going to recruit more members.  We already have a lot of people that’s coming to us and telling us that they want to be a part of the band, and want to help, want to support. So were all for that, all for positiveness and a better way for youth.   

vlcsnap-2013-03-25-20h01m11s166Most Popular Band, which was decided on by text voting, and Best Choreographed went to Corozal Community College. In the most anticipated category – The Wind Instrument Band, Corozal Community College took first.

Meanwhile, the Benque Viejo Marching Band, who also entered the competition for the first time this year, came in second and five time champion Succotz Festival Band placed third. A member of the Succotz Festival Band told us – that even though they didn’t go home with the big win, it has been a learning lesson.

Member of the Succotz Festival Band
vlcsnap-2013-03-25-20h18m23s6I think it’s a learning experience. It’s a lesson that we have to take into account. For one reason – we might have slacken up, we got too over confident that we were the champs and that there is no way that anyone could have beat us, but here it is. So for next year, we have already started planning we hope to come back as strong as we did in 2011.

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