14 year old boy shot in Belize City

There was a shooting in Belize City on Thursday December 18th,  and the victim is a 14 year old boy.

According to police,  the 14-year-old male student of Mayflower Street, Belize City, was shot to the left upper leg.

Initial investigation revealed that at about 5:30a.m., he along with four others, were walking on Partridge Street, and upon reaching the corner of Partridge Street and Banak Street, they were approached by a red van with two occupants. The driver of the van reportedly fired a single shot causing the injury to the minor. The van then sped off on Partridge Street, heading towards Mahogany Street Extension, and disappeared.

The minor was treated and released, and his injury classified as wounding.

Police are seeking a suspect as investigation continues.

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