14 year old girl found naked and beaten in Cancun may be Belizean

Various news outlets in Mexico are reporting that a 14 year old female minor, purportedly of Belizean Nationality was r found naked, bruised and heavily intoxicated in a forested area in Rehoyada, Cancun. The Mexican Red Cross and police authorities responded to the area on Sunday July 19th when they received reports of a naked girl sleeping in the area. Authorities reportedly found the girl sleeping, completely naked and surrounded by bottles of alcohol. One news source “La Verdad” reports that when the minor was interviewed by authorities she said she was drinking the previous night with a stranger and admitted addiction to drugs. Another news outlet, “Noticaribe”, reports that residents living in the area heard a girl screaming at around 3 am on Sunday morning. However no one came out to see what was happening. Noticaribe also reports that the little girl told authorities that she was living with her boyfriend in Mexico but that she had a fight with him that night and as a result left home to go drinking with other friends. During the process, Noticaribe reports that the girl said she blacked out and woke up in Rehoyada, Cancun in the same state she was found: naked and badly bruised. Her arms had several cuts apparently made with a cutter. Authorities have yet to confirm whether the minor was sexually assaulted. The Judicial Authorities have been brought in to handle the case along with the “Grupo Especializado en Atencion a la Violencia,” the group specializing in violence. Meanwhile the 14 year old minor has been placed in state protective custody as authorities also try to determine if she is indeed Belizean.

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