15 year old Compre student stabs 15 year old

There is a stabbing incident to report in Roaring Creek Village. On Wednesday evening at around 4 p.m., several students from Belmopan Comprehensive school got into a heated argument when one of the students, a 15 year old, pulled out a knife and stabbed another 15 year old student twice to his body.  The incident occurred at the second speed bump in Roaring Creek village. The 15 year old victim is a resident of Belmopan and underwent surgery at the Western Regional Hospital and is still recovering from the stab wounds. We caught up  with the mother of the student, Karen Obrien, who told us she is happy that at least her son is alive and there is an attempt to resolve the issue which led to the stabbing.

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Ms Karen O’brien, Parent of Victim:

He got two stabs. One to the lower left abdomen and another to the upper right chest. He have to get an operation because the stab to the left you know had injure damage the gut and damage an artery as well. So they had to mend that and as the doctor said his body reacted very good to the surgery and everything was just successful praise be to God. Yes I was called yesterday with this unfortunate news about 4:00 but I want to share that this incident in my view has not burden me down. This incident has not broken me up. This incident had only made me realize that, as Jesus once said, that the works of God should be made manifested in the situation for I came this morning to visit my son and I saw a son who had a heart of forgiveness. I saw a son who wanted to hear the words of God, who wanted to hear the songs that we sing onto our Father. I saw a community reaching out with prayers, the teachers, the principal, the vice principal, students from Belmopan Comprehensive School. I saw new beginnings, church of God Seventh day coming forward to pray and to come together to support in whatever way they could, you know a community to raise a child and even the mother you know calling and apologizing, the police officers. Everybody trying to find a way to solve the situation in a loving and meaningful way and praise be to God, almighty Father. 

Obrien says her son was attempting to stop the perpetrator from stabbing his friend when he was stabbed instead. The police have still not taken a statement from the victim and it seems there is an attempt to settle the matter out of court.

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