15 year old killed in Home Invasion

A 15 year old boy was killed during a home invasion at his grandfather’s house on the Hummingbird Highway. Dangriga Correspondent Harry Arzu has the story.


Harry Arzu: a 15 year old boy is dead as a result of a gunshot wound that he sustained during a robbery that occurred Friday Morning at Mile 26 and a half on the HummingBird Highway. Southern vlcsnap-2015-08-28-17h44m58s635 vlcsnap-2015-08-28-17h44m53s468Regional Commander, and Senior Superintendent of police, Ralph Moody, tells us more.

 Ralph Moody: On the 21st of August 2015 at about 9:00am, police received information of a robbery at mile 26 and a half on the HummingBird Highway. Police responding to the report where they spoke to a Mr. Bernard Usher. They also saw a lifeless body of a male person, in juvenile, a 15 year old who we learned to be Branton Palanco of the said address. Police received information that 3 male persons entered into Mr. Usher’s residents and took position of a shotgun, and robbed them of a disclosed amount of money. Mr Palanco, who was the juvenile , was entering the building at the same time after he heard the commotion. He was shot to his forehead and later succumbed to his injury. Mr Palanco was later transported to the Dangriga hospital, where his body is awaiting a postmortem. Police did went to the scene and recovered some items. They also recovered a TV and a VCR. Well we have one suspect at this present moment but we don’t want to release his name at this present moment but we do have a suspect at this present moment. One out of the three.

 Harry Arzu: Reporting for PlusNews from Dangriga, I am Harry Arzu.

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