15 year old minor charged with firearm offenses

There were reported shootings in the Old capital on Friday night. Police say that around six o’clock, Friday evening, they responded to several apparent gun shots coming from the direction of the Central American Boulevard. When they got there, they saw a teenager riding off in high speed from the area into Vernon Street. They pursued the young man unto Zericote Street where the male person then reportedly ran into a yard and was seen placing an object under a house in the yard. A search under the house led to the discovery of a black pistol and a 9 mm live round was in the chamber. An additional (5) 9 mm live rounds were retrieved from the pistol magazine. The 15 year old minor of Belize City was later arrested and charged, in the Presence of his mother and a J.P., for the offense of Kept Firearm without Gun License and Kept ammunition without a Gun License

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