15 year old Murdered, Accused Minor Turns Himself In

vlcsnap-2013-12-23-21h43m46s132 Alex Vasquez. Initial investigations revealed that Vasquez had a misunderstanding with another minor, who reportedly inflicted the fatal injury. Saturday’s deadly confrontation, says Deputy Commander in San Ignacio, Inspector Reymundo Reyes, is the result of a long-standing rival between the two minors.

vlcsnap-2013-12-23-18h12m15s109Inspector Reymundo Reyes- Deputy Commander of the San Ignacio Police

“This is an ongoing rivalry that has been apparent in these two guys that they had; something that stemmed up with fights.  The young man is alleging that a month ago he was attacked by the deceased and that he was injured with stab wounds to that effect, but no report was made to the police.  In fear of that, when they met by the Welcome Center on Friday, it steamed up again to throwing up phrases vlcsnap-2013-12-23-21h40m49s93and so forth and that is eventually laid up in front of Venus where the young boy was approached and stabbed”.

The person who is believed to have stabbed Vasquez, a seventeen year old, is currently in Police custody. Our Cayo affiliate Kent Pandy spoke with his father earlier today. He said that his son told him he was acting in self-defense.

Father of the Accused Minor

“I know mih son tell me everything weh happen to him.  The bally mih dih threaten ah and e mih don have wah beef with mih son.  E stab mih son, I think one time, but my son never reported to the police.  E neva do nottin into that.  Then, e happen again that  the bway gahn tretnah outta town yah and e happen tha the bway haul wa knife after ah and he seh, e just retaliate and he defend eself.  I seh, my son no perfect but e do try defend eself.  That’s all I talk to he and daah weh hihn tel me.  He was as normal as anybody else.  In fact he gahn give up eself.  He come with we, gahn da station and dehn lock up the man”.

vlcsnap-2013-12-23-21h24m37s44The grieved-stricken father, who accompanied his son to the Police Station to turn himself in on murder, made a cordial appeal to parents and the Government.

Father of the Accused Minor:  “Try look into dehn kids because da lone young kids dih out deh dih giv trouble.  Dehn have to try look aftah dehn kids more and have them more in, because this weh happen da no  nottn nice…e no nice.  Da wa mattat weh I want mek government do, da deal with all dehn young pikni because dehn just go eenah bar and dehn just go buy and dehn no ask dehn age when dehn go buy liccah and dehn sell them and that da weh dih cause wa lotta destruction eenah dis town.  Dehn should ask dehn fuh deh ID and mek dehn know how ole deh exactly”.

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