15 year old recuperating after hit by vehicle

A 15 year old girl from the San Martin Area might miss the first few days of school next week Monday because she is recuperating at the Western Regional Hospital after a traffic accident in the Maya Mopan community put her in the hospital.  According to reports, sometime after 8 o clock this morning, 15 year old Janet Ajpopsion and her 14 year old sister were walking on the side of the road on the San Martin Road in an East to West direction when upon passing a Chinese store they were run over by a black small black Toyota vehicle driven at the time by one Justin Moody of a Belmopan address. Janet’s 14 year old sister was walking on the inside of the road and Janet was on the outside of the road.  The vehicle swerved out of the road missing her sister and only hitting 15 year old Janet.

Janet Ajposian – Victim of Road Traffic Accidentvlcsnap-2015-04-10-10h16m38s59

“It didn’t crash into my sister, but it crashed [into] me. suddenly, I didn’t know… I just know that it broke my teeth, the two of my teeth. Now what I am asking is that he has to pay because I am not going to stay like that.  That is what I am asking.”


Emmanuel Pech – Plus T.V Reporter

Do you remember anything at all when the impact happen.”

Janet Ajposian

“No, I don’t remember nothing. I  just saw when he crashed me and I faint away. They say that my sister was screaming for help and she suddenly went to tell my mom. That’s when my mom came and suddenly I wake up and they took me to the hospital “

Moody reportedly took Janet to the hospital while Janet’s 14 year old sister rushed to inform her mother thinking that her sister was dead.


Eyewitness –  Sister, Janet Ajposianvlcsnap-2015-04-10-10h19m40s91

“The car was coming kinda straight, from the back so we were on one edge of the road. The car came and like he was driving crazy , he from the north, and we were in a street that bends and the car came straight. I saw him driving crazy and I push she so she could go more in the edge and then the car came in the grass. I tell she fi mek she be careful and the car crash [into] her and she fly. She was kinda dying. I tell my mom and the woman said ok and she mind her while I gone tell my mother. When my mother came running, they told me that she had died because she can’t breathe, her heart not even pump or nothing. I asked, ‘ weh she deh?’ They told me that deh done ker her dah hospital. My mom started to crazy up herself because they thought that my sister had died.”

Emmanuel Pech

“Can toy explain to me who was closer to the road, you or your sister?”



Emmanuel Pech

“And the driver came all the way inside the grass?”



Justin Moody was charged today with one count of driving without due care and attention and negligent wounding. Moody was granted police bail in the sum of $600 and is to appear at the Belmopan Magistrate’s court tomorrow to answer to the charges.

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