15th anniversary of National Council on Ageing

The National Council on Ageing is celebrating its 15th Anniversary. As part of its celebration, an interactive exhibit of the council’s work was held at the Belmopan Civic Center today. Ixchel Poot, Executive Director of National Council on Ageing told us more.

Ixchel Poot, Executive Director, National Council on Ageing

Each of these booths are design to have over learner move through several places. First create an awareness about aging with the information about what we have been doing with aging issues and the work that the council has been doing across Belize. The booth with the Age Simulation gives you an opportunity to walk a little bit in an older person’s shoe and find out what it is like to grow older. And then or 3rd booth, the multimedia room, gives you an opportunity to reflect, get some additional information, learn something new. And our final booth is just a take away so that you can remember us after today.

Belmopan Senior Steppers was also represented today at the exhibition. We spoke to Lorraine Magdaleno.

Lorraine Magdaleno, Belmopan Senior Steppers

The displays are very wonderful and very educational for older people in order for them to know what their rights are. What their policies are…  how they are protected from abuse in any form means our ways. The experiences have been wonderful, especially where it relates to the school children, the teachers have brought them out. I have taken the liberty of even questioning some of them; what they have learnt in order for them to redeem the tickets that they get as an incentive for answering questions on elderly people and questions as it relates to the National Council for Ageing.

We also spoke to a senior citizen who had a word of encouragement for her peers.

Aurora McCord

Here these  people make you are aware that, as you grow older you, don’t have to be old all over. You can keep moving and you keep getting involved in activities and you just live a life like you alaways do. Age means nothing; it is just a matter of mind; if you don’t mind, it don’t matter. As you grow older don’t make old be a thing in your mind, to say, sit in the corner. Please get up, move. Keep moving all the time. Keep doing! Keep getting involved. Keep asking questions. Keep going all the time.

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