16 year old minor of San Narciso Village was shot

There is also a shooting incident to report from the Corozal District. In this Saturday afternoon incident, a 16 year old  was the victim. The 16 year old minor of San Narciso Village, was shot to his left instep and the left side of the back.  The minor reported that at 4:30pm the same day, after selling oranges at the Corozal Free Zone he left to go home.  When he reached the road that leads to the new bridge he saw a Hispanic male person carrying two boxes of cigarettes.  Shortly after, he saw some Custom Officers shouting and immediately after several gunshots followed.  The minor said that he then ran in the bushes where he realized that he was shot.  He was later assisted by a taxi driver who took him to the clinic. He was later transported to the K.H.M.H. where he was admitted in a stable condition.

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