17 year old alleges Police brutality

Every so often, we come across allegations of police brutality. On Tuesday, a  mother  told us she is seeking justice for her teenage son who she says was beat by Belmopan police.  Journalist Emanuel Pech has the story.

Emanuel Pech:

The distressed mother of a 17 year old minor came to our studio pleading for justice. Allegedly, on the night of Independence on the 21st of September, 17 year old Kadeesh Bernard and his mother were unjustly assaulted by police officers. The minor showed clear signs of injury to his face when he told us what happened.  According to the minor, he was with a friend by the Belmopan Round About a little after 9 p.m.  He then made his way pass a police car and that is when the police called out to him.

Kadeesh Bernard – Alleged Victim of Police Brutality

vlcsnap-2013-09-25-10h37m36s255“Ah di walk with my friend,and  two policeman called me by my name and so I turn and I gone to deh, and one one told me I undah arrest.  Ah asked the man, for what?   The man told me, shut up!  And so, the man told me to kneel down or else deh wah put me fih kneel down, so ah listen to deh, so ah gone kneel down.   At the same time, I told my friend, call my ma’.   And so, when they put me eenah the mobile, same time my ma’ come, and my ma she weh deh got me fah?   And the policeman told the driver fih drive,, let’s go, let’s go”.



Taken aback by these proceedings, the mother reportedly wasted no time in reaching the police station

Kadeesh Bernard’s mother:

vlcsnap-2013-09-25-10h39m02s99“When I reach da the station,I ask the police officer, ‘causeas I reach Ihear my son dih seh, mommy, deh pick up me fih nothing, mommy deh pick up me fih nothing, mommy!   I ask the policeman, what unuh have mih son ya fah?   Right, I ask ah ovah and ovah, what unuh have mih son ya fah?   He ah dih look pah me and tell me that how my son never wah give deh no particulars.   My son no dih give deh no particulars and thing like that!  So, I dih ask ah again, what deh have mih son fah?   What you have mih son fah?  Right?   So, one ah deh get vexed now…the one weh mih dih stan up side ah me tell the policeman weh mih di stan up side ah me, detain she!   When deh tellah, detain she, ah tellah detain me fih what?  Detain me fih what?   Because ah no wah leff dih station and my child daw wah mynah?   Then, the policeman grab me rong my throat and push me back eenah the cell.   Then , my son deh by the bardoor fih dih main entrance fih dih cell dih see everything weh di happen.   So, he start to rail up and heen dih go off and tell deh leff my old lady lone, leff my old gal lone.   E look like deh tired ah weh heen gat fih seh, right?   When dehn gahn eenah dih cell, ah no hear my son no more!   No more ah no hear my son!   A lee while, my son hallaw, mommy, mommy, dehn hurt me, dehn hurt me!  

vlcsnap-2013-09-25-10h40m46s119 Kadeesh explained what happened within those cell doors.

Kadeesh Bernard:

“When deh  walk eenah the door, the tall policeman he come in first, and when he come in, he choke me and I try to fight he, and two next police join the man and deh hold down my hand, and when deh hold down my hand, deh wah dih put me fuh sleep, just feel ah dih go weh, and I caa’ read, so deh drag me towards dih smallaw cell deh fuh put me in deh and deh just stone me in deh, and I can’t help myself and I gahn straight pah my face! Yeh, deh bruk two ah my…four ah my teeth deh”.

However, they’re troubles did not end there. According to Kadeesh’s mother, she is being charged for use of obscene language against police officers. This she admits to doing  after witnessing the mistreatment of her son and after allegedly being cursed by the police themselves. The minor is also being charged for disorderly conduct.

For Plus news, I am  Emanuel Pech.

We tried getting a statement from Belmopan police for their version of events, but were told that the person who could speak on the matter was unavailable.

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