17 year old died after eating a bucket of soap

Yesterday Plus News received disturbing information surrounding the sudden death of a 17 year old from Golden Street Village in the Toledo District. According to PGTV, the teen, Milka Sho was found dead on Sunday Morning. vlcsnap-2013-02-21-19h50m44s22Initial reports to PlusNews had indicated that Milka died from injuries received from a brutal beating. But PGTV spoke with her family, who told them that she died after eating a bucket of soap two days before. In that interview her family also stated that the teen was mentally challenged. Earlier today, PlusNews spoke to Inspector Ernel Dominquez, Commanding Officer for the Punta Gorda formation, and he told us that their investigation revealed that Milka died from Anemia. Anemia is a blood disorder which occurs when the level of red blood cells in the body becomes very low; in some cases, severe anemia can even cause death. Inspector Dominguez informed us that at the time of her death, Milka was being treated for Anemia and because the doctors concluded that Anemia was the cause of her death, a post-mortem examination was not conducted. This story has received so much attention that the Ministry of Health today issued a press release saying that Milka had been diagnosed with a chronic disease, for which she received a blood transfusion. The release confirmed that she died from health issues, and that two medical examiners found no sign of external injuries. Milka was buried on Tuesday without a autopsy being conducted which was a cause for concern.

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