17 year Reportedly Tried to Hide Loaded Gun Near Store Shelf

Belize Police Logo 2013Police have in their custody, a 17 year old San Ignacio resident, who reportedly attempted to hide a loaded gun behind a store shelf. On Friday, at about 11:30am, while on Police were on mobile patrol on Flamingo Avenue, the observed a young man known to them, walking into a Chinese-owned store. 

vlcsnap-2013-12-16-16h46m54s96The law enforcement agents allege that they saw him stoop down, remove an object from his pants waist to place it on the floor at the rear a shelf inside the shop. He then immediately headed toward the door.  Police approached and before a search could be conducted, he took out a transparent plastic bag from out of his pocket and handed over it to the police.  The bag contained 7 grams of cannabis.

vlcsnap-2013-12-16-16h46m37s101 He was then escorted to the back of the said shelf where he retrieveda Smith and Wesson brand pistol, along with a 15 shooter magazine loaded with two lives rounds of ammunition.

The 17 year was detained and subsequently charged with Possession of a controlled drug, Kept Firearm without a Gun License, and kept Ammunition without a Gun License. 

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