18 year old chopped in face for bike

An 18 year old Belmopan resident was chopped and robbed in the Rivera Community of Belmopan while on his way home from work. The incident happened sometime around 5:30 p.m. yesterday. 18 year old Jose Lopez told us that while riding his bicycle in the area, he got into close proximity with four men, one of whom chopped him in the face and took away his bike.

Jose Lopez, Chopping Victim: I was coming to work when I saw four persons. When I got to the front, they were walking in front of me as if there was nothing but when we got close one of them took out a machete and hit me with it. They demanded for my bicycle but I took out a machete as well to defend myself and to prevent them from taking my bicycle. But after that they made away with my bicycle

Lopez is at the Western Regional Hospital undergoing treatment.

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