18 year old dies after being shot by Police

An 18 year old man was shot after he faced charges for having sex with his 15 year old girlfriend. 18 year old Rasheed Elijio, was picked up by Police on Tuesday, for the crime of carnal knowledge, after he was caught with a 15 year old inside a Punta Gorda home. Elijio, along with the minor, were taken to the police station where the minor admitted to having sex with Elijio on seven instances. A medical examination certified that she was carnally known. Elijio, along with 19 year old Brian Garcia, who is facing a carnal knowledge charge against a 14 year old,  were arraigned in Punta Gorda Magistrates Court yesterday. They were placed on remand and arrangements were made to have the men transferred to the Kolbe Foundation this morning. A little after 5 a.m, a prison officer and a PG Police Officer, set off to escort them along with another man who was convicted for drug trafficking. All five were about to board a James Bus to Hattieville, when Garcia and Elijio managed to escape. By 8:25 a.m, a call came into the Police Station, notifying authorities that 18 year old Elijio was captured, but had to be taken to the Punta Gorda Hospital, because he was shot during the process. But the 18 year old didn’t make it and was pronounced dead at the hospital. Preliminary information coming out of the office of the Police Press Officer, is that when police were searching for the two escapees, they were sighted in the Carib Reserve Area. Police set chase after them and subsequently fired shots at them, fatally wounding Elijio. The report says that he had a gunshot wound to the left side of his body. There are no indications that the other person Brian Garcia was injured. An investigation has been launched into the shooting death of Rasheed Elijio.

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