18 year old on remand after fatal shooting spree

vlcsnap-2013-03-25-20h47m20s216An 18 year old is tonight on remand after he allegedly went on a shooting spree which claimed the life of one person. We mentioned last week that Police believed Akeem Augustine to be the person who chased and shot after four individuals, two of whom were minors. None of them were injured and Augustine was charged with four counts of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and four counts of aggravated assault. That incident happened on Tuesday evening and now Police have charged Augustine for a murder that happened earlier that day. In that shooting, Ardon Belgrave was shot killed on Caesar Ridge Road while on duty for the Belize City Council. At the time of the shooting, Belgrave was standing under a tree with some coworkers, when another man, Christopher vlcsnap-2013-03-25-20h47m32s67Gillett ran toward their direction. Gillett was trying to flee from the gunman who was chasing him. The gunman then began firing shots into the crowd and that was when Belgrave was hit. He then walked up to Belgrave and shot him several times at close range. Police believe that gunman to be 18 year old Augustine. And he was arraigned in court last week for the murder of Ardon Belgrave, along with the attempted murder of Christopher Gillett.

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