18 year Roaring Creek resident killed in front of several people

Four persons were murdered over this past weekend in the nation of Belize. We start with the one that is closest to our media . Maleek Norris who was gunned down in front of children and several witnesses on Sunday afternoon.  Ofouse, just a couple of miles away in the village of Roaring Creek.  The victim is 18 year oldficer in Charge of Belmoapn police, Superintendent Howell Gillett, told us more.

Supt. Howell Gillett, O.C Belmopan

“Well what we know so far is that sometime just before 3pm. yesterday we received information of a shooting invlcsnap-2016-07-12-12h16m13s197 Another World section of Roaring Creek village we immediately proceeded to that area we indeed confirmed that Mr. Maleek Norris lost his life as a result of gunshot wounds  to varied parts of the body. we immediately launched an investigation and I’m very pleased to report that we have been able to capture the suspect and we now have the weapon we believe was used in that horrible incident. Based on what we know so far it would seem it has to do with retaliation it seem that over a week or just over a week or ago the deceased might have been involved in a stabbing incident with accused. It was never reported to us here at the Belmopan Police Station and we are saddened by that because if we knew of it we could have taken action and might have stemmed this murder and it was a form or retaliation as a result of that stabbing.”


Police say they recovered the weapon used, a home -made gun we understand. The weapon was found at a farm on the Young Bank road. Police say the accused has been detained and is cooperating with them.

According to the aunt of the 18 year old accused of the murder, her nephew told her that Maelek had taken his bicycle and money and that he was tired of being taken advantage of. She said her nephew said he would kill somebody that day and she tried to dissuade him.


Kendra Pech, Aunt of Accused

“My nephew came to me the night before; he said aunty can I sleep here? I said no papa you can’t sleep here tonight. Hevlcsnap-2016-07-12-12h17m21s106 said Maleek just took my bike and ten dollars from me, I told him Ashton go to the police station. I get up the next morning when I got up I meet Ashton right in here coming in the yard .I walked  up to him and said I’m come back right now Ashi. By the time I came back Ashton was still sitting down there. My friend, Mr. Keith, came and we sat down on the block step and I said Ashton come sit down on the block step he said; aunty, I feel sorry for the mothers that will feel you know. I asked him about which mother? He didn’t say one mother he said mothers. He said aunty I’m thinking about killing a man. He said, I’m thinking about killing a man cause man keep taking advantage of me and keep hurt me and hurt me and hurt me. I told him papa that’s not the way to go, Keith and I advised him we sat down and talk to him. Well I told him that I was going inside to rest, I went back inside to lay down. At about 2:30 I heard a little girl calling me saying that a snake was in my yard. So I ran back inside to get a machete. I didn’t know that my nephew was sitting down there since morning until 2:30 in the evening. When he jump up to help the little girl and kill the snake he saw poor Maleek coming. Maleek was not paying him any mind, Maleek was coming his own way and Ashton was doing his own thing. When Ashton saw Maleek he felt like he was coming for him too.  So Ashton ran back, Maleek felt like Ashton was coming to do him something so Maleek pulled out his knife. Ashton went under my house, pick up a piece of pipe. He pushed bullet in the thing and hit it, when I heard him hit it all I could hear was boom when I saw the little boy fell. The little boy said Miss. Kendra Ashton shot me, he shot me. I said Ashton, don’t do that, don’t do that in my yard. He said hmm aunty, when he said that I called for Howell the Police that lives next door and Ashton ran through the back and we came outside. We tried helping Maleek, when we picked him up the neighbor came we put him in the vehicle and we took him, but by the time we reach out by the Gas Station the police took him away from us. After ten minutes we heard the little boy was dead.

We spoke to another aunt, this one the aunt of the now deceased Maleek Norris. She told us  that Maleek was trying to change his life and had been working. .

Aunt of the deceased

Maleek was my nephew I love him dearly, he was a very nice person, Loving to the family but out there I can’t say what vlcsnap-2016-07-12-12h17m58s223was really going on with Maleek. Maleek used to be a lot on the street but recently he was changing and all of us saw it and we knew it. Maleek recently got a job at wood stop so he was working.

Police say they are soon to lay charges on the 18 year old man accused of murder.


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