19 year old Kjiel Young shot and killed

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Another teenager was murdered this weekend. 19 year old Kjiel Nicholas Young Belize City was coming home on Saturday night when he stopped in a yard on Vernon Street, [where it is alleged he was approached from behind and fired on multiple times. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). We spoke to his granduncle, Clifford Broaster, for further details on Kjiel and his tragic end

Clifford Broaster ­-Grand Uncle of Deceasedvlcsnap-2015-05-12-10h56m41s56

“I very doubt that he is the kind of guy to the way his came to him. I don’t approved of that situation because as I said I know my grandnephew. He is a cool going dude. You could talk to him and he would listen to you. He has never cheat me off yet. I don’t know if he had cheated off anyone else. What I dont know about, I can’t really say. But what I know, I can express and like I said as far as know him, he is a very cool guy. You could ask him to do a favor for you. As far as I saw, he went to the fair and after the fair finished, he supposed to have gone home and so far he and someone was walking and they went that direction. And him being there for a while about half an hour after, they heard crying and thing, so it was surprised to me to see the way he died.”


 Young was looking for another job after being let go from the ongoing street work projects in Belize City, but his weakness, according to Broaster, was his love of company and the streets.

Clifford Broaster
“Most naturally. We counselled him and we made him understand that after school hours, this is not a base if you don’t know who you are hanging out with. I think before you go hanging out with a person, you need to know the person you are hanging out with. If I can’t get to know the person, then it’s useless I hang out. That’s how I take life from my perfective. Does not matter how much work I have to do. If I have to do it by myself, I will do it by myself. If we can communicate and we can work together, then we can hang together. If we can’t work together, I look at it as a problem and I try to solve problem.”

 Police are now investigating.

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