19 Year Old Shot in the Back by Police

19 year old Elston Arnold resident of Unitedville, Cayo district, is still recovering from a surgery to remove multiple gunshot pellets from his back after being shot by police on Monday morning.  The family is saying that the actions of the police are unjustifiable.

According to Elston Arnold he and three other friends were coming out of a friends wake and upon reaching and area known as Mount Hope, a police Mahindra pickup rode past them.  According the Elston in less than 10 minutes after the Mahindra pick up returned.

He told us what happened then.


Elston Arnold- Victim of Police Shooting

“After 5-6 minutes they come out back, stop we, search we, deh neva find notting…when we don dih go, my cousin tel dih corporal that why e du this tu fuh he own village people, chek?  Fan deh so, he and dih adda polis awfissaaz weh mih dih eena dih ride, gaan an reach up to my cousin, and the corporal and a nex awfissah started beat up dih man and kick upah an ting.  Fan that we my three other cousin ride up pahn bike fuh see what dih happen and when we reach deh so, we jos dih sih how dehn dih beat up my cousin and ting an affa dat, dih awfissah weh mih dih eena dih bac passinja side, hin com out , hin jos literally stamp out dih dor, hal oput fih hin shatgon, clac it an jos open faya and jos some a dih bullets hit me eena mih lower leff bac.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Can you recount how many shots he fired?”

Elston Arnold:  “I only heard only one shot an fan dat I jos feel the burning sensayshan eena my side”.

After being shot by police, Elston was reportedly left there to bleed and was later rushed to the Western Regional Hospital by a Justice of the peace who had been at the same wake.

Up till now he is still receiving treatment for his wounds.

vlcsnap-2014-05-28-19h39m18s9Leroy Arnold- Father of Elston Arnold

“I was at home in bed when I heard this whole commotion.  Someone just passed by shouting that they are taking my son to the hospital because they knew he got shot.  So, I just want to say that I would like to see that the investigation go in the right way and that fair justice is being served.  It is really upsetting the way how these people they are carrying out their work.  A whole lot of people is upset with it also. 

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Is taking legal action, an option for you right now?”

Father of Elston Arnold:  “Yeah, I am thinking about that”.

Police have confirmed today that they have launched an investigation into the matter and, they affirmed, that police officers if found guilty will be liable to both criminal and internal charges.

As for 19 year old Elston, we were told that he is making it to a fast recovery and will be discharged from the hospital by the end of this week.

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