$2 million to clean up silting at Haulover Creek

We have reported on the silting near the Bliss Center on Southern Foreshore, which affects both fishermen and the water taxi companies which make their living in that area. On Wednesday, Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley said that all relevant agencies of Government – from the Port Authority to NICH to the Department of the Environment among others – as well as his Belize City Council and the Fort Street Tourism Village have a role to play in eliminating the problem. But how will it be done? The Mayor reported that Fort Street is conducting the first part of the more than 2 million dollar plan:

Darrell Bradley, Mayor of Belize City:  And the waterway is very critical to the development to the development of Belize City. We’re a water city and we have to ensure that something is done with that at the earliest possible date. I did indicate to you that the Belize City council together with the FortStreet Tourism Zone Company, together with the Belize tourism Board and NICH we sit on a committee together, and vlcsnap-2016-04-18-11h00m23s209 - Copythe individuals FortStreet Tourism Zone were expressing the idea that they would do the initial step in terms of using their own dredging to the tune of approximately $250,000 to at least start the clearing works. They put together a proposal to that committee that suggested that an entire project in terms of the clearing would cost about $2,000,000. They had taken several tour trips up the Haulover Creek to see what really causes the sedimentation to ensure that if they just dredge this area it’s not something in a year’s time it will happen again. One of the things that we are realizing also is that that river needs to be cleaned and it needs to be dredged all the way beyond the Haulover bridge.

The Mayor also spoke of a river maintenance plan that would not only address regular clean-up and maintenance but also give the City more revenue options from the use of the creek:

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