2 years for stolen computer

Robert Jefferies, the nephew of former Compol Crispin Jefferies, was sentenced on Monday to two years imprisonment, for handling stolen goods; a laptop computer which was stolen from inside an office at the Law firm of Ernest Staine, located on Regent Street in Belize City.

On Monday, at the end of Jefferies trial for handling stolen goods, the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith found him guilty, and due to a long rap sheet for crimes of dishonesties, Robert Jefferies was sentenced to two years imprisonment, effective immediately.

vlcsnap-2014-08-26-06h54m48s175The Laptop computer which belonged to Yolanda Fonseca was stolen during a burglary at Ernest Staine Law firm, which occurred more than a year ago and was found by police in Mr Jefferies home.

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