20 pounds of weed found in his car; Belmopan man pleads guilty

Belmopan police found about 20 pounds of weed in a car on Thursday night. Sometime before 7 p.m. police were conducting an operation in Teakettle Village when they  observed a white Toyota Matrix four door car parked on the side of the road. A male person was standing beside the vehicle and a female was seated in the driver’s side. Police searched the vehicle and  found seven parcels of Cannabis, weighing 8,503 grams.  26 year old Ernesto Almendarez, a Belizean mechanic, of a Belmopan and, 22 year old Brittany Hutchinson, a Belizean student of Teakettle Village,  were both charged for “Drug Trafficking.”  Today in court,  Almendarez pled guilty and was fined $10,000 to be paid by December 30th of this year or face 3 years in prison. Hutchinson pled not guilty and was granted bail of $3,000. He case was adjourned to April 9, 2018.  

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