2013 PSE results are in

The 2013 PSE results are in. According to the Ministry of Education, a total of  7533 candidates registered for this year’s PSE, of which 7359 candidates actually sat all or part of the exam this year. PSE numbers for 2013 record a 5.2% increase in the number of test candidates registered over 2012. Now let’s get to the nitty gritty of the release – in the English subject: the average score is an adequate range at 57.8% – 295 students received Grade A, while the majority of students received a grade D. In Math, the average score is an adequate grade range at 54.2%; the same grade range as it was in 2012. 1090 students received grade A, while 3300 got Grade E. Social Studies saw a higher performance, with an average Satisfactory score of 67.2%. Compared to the first two subjects, the mass of students – 1835 to be exact, got a Grade A. Lastly, students squared off best in Science with a Competent Grade Average of 70.9%. Again, majority of the students – 2472 of them, scored an A. In the area of Mathematics, the Ministry of Education says that it will be seeking funding to expand a progammme in visible and tangible mathematics, which it piloted in 2011-2013. Early feedback from this programme showed not only that it could improve teachers knowledge, understanding and skill in mathematics, but that it also engaged students in active learning that saw them acquire mathematical concepts and skills in visible and tangible ways. And the top performer this year, went to Ye Siyun of Bernice Yorke School in Belize City. St. Andrews School in Cayo snatched second with students Vincent Hulse and Esteban Nelson, as well as Jenessa Sierra of San Pedro Roman Catholic School. Third place went to Agatha Petkau of United Evergreen, Iani Adolphus of Hummingbird Elementary and Belize Elementary’s Sherry Tan and Alanna Rosado.

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