NTUCB on the Wall of BWS Firings and Legal Battles

vlcsnap-2013-11-12-15h16m54s168BWSvlcsnap-2013-11-12-15h20m53s252And while that is the state of affairs with the case, the ex-workers also vented their frustration with the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) which has promised to investigate their terminations and has so far failed to. Don Gillett at the time of his firing was a vice-president with the Belize Water Services Workers Union (BWSWU) and says he believes he was forced out by his boss.

Mr. Don Gillett- Former BWS Employee

“Definitely; what happened also, we were going into an election year for the post for the union.   I was the vice-president at the time and basically just that…thrown under the bus, me and my close colleague, Barnett, because we are friends outside of work still.   It’s an effort to kind of jump the gun into the next executive”.

Michael Novelo says he believes the NTUCB should have done more.

Mr. Michael Novelo-Former BWS Employee:   “In regards to Mr. Delonn, Mr. Delonn just said on the media that he cannot comment on this issue because it is in front of the court.  We are not suing the NTUCB; we are not suing BWS vlcsnap-2013-11-12-15h54m46s107Workers Union.   We are suing BWS Company.   So, Mr. Delonn can say anything he wants to say in regards to this issue.   He doesn’t have to hide.   It is nothing for you to hide.   Say what you got to say and let us hear it.   Now is the time and I urge this media present to find these people get these explanations because we can’t get it out from them.   You know da what fuh wa single madda like Miss Barnett ya no dih work fuh eight months, boss?   Your chile couldammih participate eenah karate…wah simple ting as karate and you could tekah outta dat!

Mr. Gillett also took the opportunity to clear himself and his colleagues’ names over two alleged incidents of sabotage to a company vehicle and that of Lorelei Westby as well as a bomb threat at the compound a few weeks ago.

Mr. Don Gillett- Former BWS Employee

“That’s goes back to the point we were making earlier that we are stigmatized.   What happened at BWS, we have no knowledge of.   They state in their statement or their story that rang in the media, the suspects are terminated employees.   We are not the only employees that that are terminated up to date.   Other people are terminated as well.   We are the only ones who is taking this through the proper course.   We haven’t retaliated in the streets, not even in the course of ill feeling towards anybody at BWS.   Those issues…those incidents…we maintain our innocence.   We know nothing about those.   So to just every time is then…why would we try to cough the company more money that we are seeking through the courts.    Why would we cat them if we are seeking for money?    It doesn’t make any kind of sense”.

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