Road improvement in Belize City progressing well

vlcsnap-2013-02-20-18h28m13s182North Front Street is one of the chief commercial areas of Belize City and one of its longest streets, stretching from the Tourism Village at one end and on to Mapp Street next to Bowen and Bowen’s distribution Centre. Works have been ongoing in the area stretching from Memorial Park to the Swing Bridge as part of the Sustainable Tourism Project, and now the rest will also be repaved. City Hall’s public relations man Kenny Morgan gives details.

Kenny Morgan – Belize City Council Public Relations:
vlcsnap-2013-02-20-18h29m46s80In continuation of the street improvement project, we have sealed off, we have closed off, the portion of North Front Street from Mapp Street to the junction with the BelChina Bridge. Half of the BelChina Bridge remains open, so that the North and Southside traffic can access the opposite side, but the portion of the bridge approach from North Front Street, going form North to the Southside, that will be closed temporarily. If nature permits the work along that area should be done within a week at the most. That’s what they’re looking at. We’re hoping that mother nature permits us to move as expeditiously as we can.  Immediately thereafter we’ll be working on the other field, because we’re getting ready to link up the two projects on North Front Street.  This work here in front of the City Council itself is proceeding at a very nice pace.  The contractors are getting ready to start working on the drainage component of that project. The servicing of the street itself is almost totally completed.  So they’re moving along quite nicely, and we’re anticipating that within the next month or so we should have both sides linking up somewhere in the area between Hyde’s Land and Pickstock Street.

The Council just finished work on another major artery of the City, being Freetown Road. Work on the area on North Front Street between Mapp Street and the Belchina Bridge, is now closed to vehicular traffic, and is expected to last about a week. The Council has finished 50 streets and intends to do 50 more by the end of the year.

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