22 Year Old Murdered in SanPedro

In our Friday evening news cast, we told you of the murder of  22 year old Lee Roy HayLock that took place early Friday Morning in San Pedro. Haylock’s body was reportedly found face down with cut wounds to the throat in the Tres Cocos Area of the Island. Police have since detained one person

Wilfredo Ferrufino, Crimes Investigation Branch: In regards to the murder on the 6th of April in San Pedro where police responded to a body being found in the Tres Cocos Area of San Pedro. Upon arrival, police found the body of Leeroy Haylock, a 22 year old resident of San Pedro with cut wounds to the neck and to other parts of his body which include his abdomen, and the lower part of his back. One person has been detained for that murder. No one has been charged.

. A knife suspected to be the murder weapon was also found in the immediate area

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