23 year old Denia Zelaya drowns at Black Howler Evolution Tour’s

And there is another drowning to report over the long weekend.  On Monday afternoon, Dion Bellini who is a police officer,  and his lover, 23-year-old Denia Zelaya left to have a fun-filled afternoon swimming at Black Howler Evolution Tour’s situated in Bermudian Landing village in the Belize District. However, things took a turn for the worst when Zelaya was swimming in the river and she was suddenly carried by the current of the water.  Bellini, who is originally from Camalote Village,  says that he tried to assist her, but was unsuccessful. Also, the villagers came to their assistance; however, try as they may it was to no avail. Zelaya was seen going under water and did not resurface. Reports are that the body of Zelaya was retrieved only today from the river after a very extensive search. Police say that they are investigating the incident.

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