24 year old claims Police Brutality

One young man is severely wounded and he alleges that it is as a result of spending last night in Punta Gorda Police Custody. 24 year old Leray Simons reported to Plus News that he was physically abused by Punta Gorda Police while in their custody. The badly bruised and battered Simons told us what happened. 

Leray Simons, Alleged Police Brutality:
I was playing my game Sunday and after the game I was socializing with some of my teammates then the police came. They crushed us up and took us. They beat up me, handcuffed me, gun butt me, chip up my teeth, lock me in the cell, didn’t want to take no statement from me or anything. And this morning they let me go, so I came down here trying to get assistance.

Simons alleges that when he arrived at the Punta Gorda Station last night in handcuffs, he got into an altercation, which led to his injuries.

Leray Simons, Alleged Police Brutality: When we reached the station, I asked them why did they want to detain me. SO the next morning I didn’t give them my items because I didn’t know why they were detaining me, and then an officer ran up on me and strangled me, and I was already handcuffed. SO I tried to attack him back, and that’s when the next two charged into me and just beat up me. The corporal, he gun butt me and then I fell to the ground and that’s when the rest just trampled me.

According to Simons, PG Police have refused to give him a medico legal form to take to his doctor and so he has made his way to the Belmopan police station but he alleges that police her have also refused to take his statement. We tried getting answers from the Media Relations Unit of the police department but so far, up to our news time, no answers have been forthcoming.

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