24 year old Keisha Banner receives 6 year sentence for arson

This morning, Justice Troadio Gonzalez handed down a 6 year sentence to a woman convicted of arson.  During today’s mitigation plea, two character witnesses spoke on behalf of the convicted – 24 year old Keisha Banner. They, along with her attorney Simeon Sampson testified that Banner is a polite and responsible person, who is not known to cause trouble. The incident took place on January 30, 2011; when Dishon Rowland, the then common-law husband of Banner, was at his home on Vernon Street, with Banner and some friends playing card games. Banner and Rowland got into an argument over the card game. Rowland told the court that after getting into the argument, he went inside the house but decided to leave. But as he was leaving the house, he went into the kitchen and saw a bottle of gasoline, which he moved. A short while after leaving the house, Rowland says that he received a call that his house was on fire. The house was burnt to the ground.

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