25 year old Christian parade in a 34 year old Nation

The final leg of the 2015 September celebrations is upon us as the nation heads into a long weekend leading up to Monday September 21st. Belize is set to celebrate its 34th year of Independence from Britain under the theme, “Belize renewed; confident, competitive and committed . As part of the activities in the Capital City, the annual Christian Parade, titled, “Taking back the Land Parade” will kick off on Sunday evening from the Village of Roaring Creek and make its way through the streets of Belmopan. It is actually the 25th Anniversary of the Taking Back the Land Parade and to mark its Silver Anniversary, organizer Richard Smith has invited popular International Gospel Artist Emrand Henry to be a part. Smith tells us more.

vlcsnap-2015-09-18-21h14m34s22Richard Smith: This year the excitement, because it’s 25 years, we couldn’t just go local. We had to go international and so we’re bringing Emrand Henry who is here with us right now to perform and to be on that leading float, and we’re looking forward to a quality time with everything. I think we have good stuff for you this year.

Emrand Henry, from the Island of St. Lucia, is not really a stranger to Belize. He has been guest artist at various YC Belize events and Gospel Expo events. In fact, he is the voice behind the song, “Good Morning” used on PlusTv’s Rise and Shine morning show. Henry says he has come to love Belize and is excited to be here during this important celebration time.

vlcsnap-2015-09-18-21h14m41s110Emrand Henry: Once again it’s also a pleasure to be back here. It’s a place that I love, Belize and I love to vibe with the young people and I love the idea of the parade. This year I’ve done a couple of parades. I’ve done a big parade in Skinectidee, upstate New York and there was like thousands of people at that parade. When he asked me to be a part of the parade I was like yeah, I really want to be part of this. I bring a lot of energy, I bring a lot of vibe into the parade and what people need to answer is that a parade is not just about dancing and waiving but it’s about spiritual warfare because we break strongholds along the roots and there are certain spirits that are over communities that we address while we go into the parade so it’s gonna be a great experience.


Richard Smith: The route will be from Roaring Creek coming into Belmopan. Our first stop will be Quality Poultry. Second stop is at the roundabout. We’re asking every pastor, leaders to please come. That’s where the mayor of Belmopan and the Area Rep will be meeting us to give us the official welcome. Give us the key to city. Then we go la Cabana, Mariposa Street, come down Tiger Town. Our next stop would be by WingStop, and then coming down Maygarden Park, east ring road and then we going Price Center Road, playa las Amaericas, come back down to Brodies where we take the ring road again and back to Assembly building steps.

The parade will end at the National Assembly steps where the fireworks display will be held.

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