$29,000 Stolen from Belmopan Income Tax Dept

There was a brazen robbery of the Income Tax department in Belmopan on Friday evening.  It happened minutes to 6 vlcsnap-2016-07-19-12h36m31s240o’clock on the 15th of the month when business taxes are due. According to vlcsnap-2016-07-19-12h37m17s189the cashier at the income tax office,  she was inside the office along with some co-workers when three male persons entered the building, two of whom were dressed in camouflage clothing. One of the male persons reportedly pointed a handgun towards a police officer who was performing security duties at the Income Tax Department. The cashier stated that she, her co-workers and the police officer were then tied up and their mouths were taped with duct tape. One of the men then proceeded to the cashier section and took over $29,000.00 in cash which was collected at the office for the day. One of the assailants then took her purse valued at $640.00, $400.00 in cash and her social security card, a purse from one of her coworkers valued at $500.00 and her social security card. The men also took the police officer’s .38 revolver which contained 5 .38 live rounds and his police issued headdress. The  robbers then got into what appears to be a heavily tinted Toyota Forerunner. A security camera in the area captured the images of the vehicle which police released to the public to see if anyone could identify the vehicle and perhaps lead to its owner. As for the men themselves, police have not issued any images with those men. At a press briefing in Belize City today, ACP Blackett spoke about the incident and the progress made in the case.

Russell Blackett, Acting Commissioner of Belizevlcsnap-2016-07-19-12h38m11s220

“We understand that shortly after 5:30pm there was an armed robbery at the Income Tax office in Belmopan. The police responded and found a police officer tied up along with the other members in the office and about bout 3 or so gunmen went in and about a total of $29,000 was taken. We so far have one main suspect and he has been served. Yes, we have cameras and we are looking at that. We know that they used uniforms worn by the UIT and the GSU, it looks like it was brought from out of the country.”

Victims say that the robbers seemed to know exactly what they were doing  and one even wiped down the area to remove fingerprints before leaving.

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