2nd Prisoner in One Month Escapes from Moving Police Vehicle

vlcsnap-2014-02-20-20h06m02s88Jarod Arthurs Lamb, also known as “Steel Bob”, somehow managed to free himself from a police van while he was being transported this morning.

The accused murderer was on his way to the San Ignacio Court for his scheduled appearance.

According to reports, Lamb escaped from the van while the vehicle was passing through Teakettle village.  Lamb is considered a dangerous individual.

Rumours CayoHe was one of two men arrested and charged in connection to the brutal home invasion, assault and armed robbery at Rumours resort in April of last year.

Back then, police had issued a wanted poster with Jarod Lamb who was on the run for 6 weeks before police eventually caught up with him in Teakettle Village, the same place where he escaped from their custody today.

vlcsnap-2014-02-20-17h53m15s67It is noteworthy that just two weeks ago, another prisoner escaped from police in like manner.  That prisoner, Mr. Edwin Paula, escaped on February 3rd, also from a police van as the van slowed down at a bump in Cotton Tree. Paula has been charged with robbery and murder and has still not been located by police.

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