3 Charged for Montero’s Murder

On April 4th, Holy Saturday, 23 year old Aurelio Montero Jr., a member of the Belize Coast Gaurd, was discovered unconscious at the San Ignacio Welcome Center. He had been beaten to a pulp and left their to bleed. Five days later Aurelio passed away as a result of injuries to the head. For some time Montero was known only as John Doe because no documents were found with him and no one had filed a missing person’s report. At the time the family believed that Aurelio Montero Jr., an officer of the Belize Coast Guard, was out on duty; that is until they recognized his face on a picture circulated in the news after he had passed away.  This morning,  San Ignacio Police formally arrested and charged the third suspect in the murder case of Aurelio Montero Jr. According to  authorities 23 year old Saul Geovanni Ortiz, of San Ignacio Town handed himself over on Tuesday April 14th in the company of his attorney. Inspector Reymundo Reyes gave us an update on the ongoing investigation.


 Inspector Reymundo Reyes – Demputy Comanding Officer, San Ignaciovlcsnap-2015-04-17-11h32m16s47

“So far the investigation is that Mr. Montero was by the Welcome Center. It appears that he was highly  under the influence of alcohol and that he was sleeping by the verandah of one of the buildings when these  three gentlemen pass by, saw him here and maybe the alcohol or drugs they were under, they just decided to dreg this person from one end of the building to the other. At the back of the building, they  end up the rub him down and beat him up.


Emmanuel Pech – Plus T.V Reporter

“So these three persons have no connection to Mr. Aurelio.?”


Inspector Reymundo Reyes

“Not to our investigation.”

 Police say that no altercation between the men is suspected prior to them beating Aurelio Montero to the brink of death. 23 year old Saul Ortiz was charged jointly for one count of murder  along with 21 year old Wendell Obando and a 15 year old minor. All have been remanded to the Belize Central Prison until July 8th 2015.

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