35 Years Old Police charged for Rape and Wounding

Cyril Casimiro, 35 years Belizean Police Officer attached to the Corozal Police Formation was arraigned today for the crime of rape and wounding of a 14 year old girl. On Monday at about 5 o’clock in the evening, a female minor accompanied by her mother visited the Corozal police station and reported that earlier that same day while she was walking home in Altimira, Police Constable Cyril Casimiro, whom she had known for a month, offered her a ride on a police motor bike. She agreed but alleges that instead of taking her home, he took her to  a secluded area in the Consejo Road where he allegedly raped her. A medical examination on the minor classified her injuries as wounding. PC Casimiro has been in the police department for over ten years. In the past Casimiro was accused of a similar sexual crime as an officer  of the law.

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