36 lbs high grade cannabis and 9 mm pistols found by police

More drugs and guns were taken off the streets of Belize City over the weekend. On Friday, Belize City police officers conducted an operation in an abandoned lot on Nurse Finley Crescent which led to the discovery of  four 9 mm pistols, one  .38 revolver and over 36 pounds of high grade cannabis. Deputy Commander Chester Williams gives us the details

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: On Friday last week again, through our police operations in the Port Loyola area we were able to conduct search of an abandoned lot and that search resulted in discovery of five fire arms namely one.38 revolver and four 9mm pistol. We also recovered 36 lbs of high grade marijuana. And again, I applaud our officers for the good work that they continue to do on the streets of Belize City, to be able to see how we can reduce the proliferation of firearms in our streets which as you know is creating some problems for us as well the citizens at large.

No one was in the area at the time so the items were labeled and deposited as found property

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