4 home invasions in 6 months in Camalote Area

Four home invasions in the past 6 months have occurred on this stretch of road in Camalote Village. In Belize, home invasions are referred tovlcsnap-2016-04-13-10h38m12s997 as “Aggravated Burglary” as it involves not only the breaking into homes, but the breaking into homes when the residents are there.  Since October of last year, we have reported on home invasions in the Camalote area, including the home of a Pastor. Most of the victims live on large but isolated plots of lands and the perpetrators seem to have no fear of dogs, security, or high fences. As we reported on Monday evening, police did not have much information on the latest home invasion which occurred on Monday morning; police told us the victims were still too vlcsnap-2016-04-13-10h38m10s207traumatised to fill police in on the details of the crime. Today, our news crew went investigating and discovered that the home invasion happened in tvlcsnap-2016-04-13-10h38m33s638he same general area as the previous home invasions, this time at the Penner family home. The husband and wife reportedly left their home on Monday morning to go to work and at about 9 a.m, the criminals entered the house while the maid was there. The men were armed and took the maid through the house to locate jewellery and other valuable items which they loaded in a  vehicle before making good their escape. As we said, according to those we spoke with in the neighborhood, this is the 4th house in the area within the past few months. We met up with one of those victims of home invasion in the area who told us that his home was entered by an armed man a few months back.  Simon August, who worked in the  USA for a number of years,  returned to his home village to retire but became the victim of a traumatic experience.

Simon August, Victim of Aggrv. Robbery: This incident happened about a couple months ago, it was around 3;30 in the morning. I heard some noise on the Western Part of my house, I was sleeping in the Eastern part, and when I got up I turned on the lights not expecting anything like what happened. When I turned the lights on I went by my entrance door and on the right hand side of me there vlcsnap-2016-04-13-10h30m01s183was a man with a shotgun pointing towards me. His exact words were, “Please don’t run, don’t run” and that was my only option, I open the door and I just ran out the door and yelled for the neighbors and in about 20 minutes time the police were here.

The burglar didn’t manage to take anything but he did leave stuff behind.

vlcsnap-2016-04-13-10h35m42s485Simon August, Victim of Aggrv. Robbery: Well to be honest, he did not have the opportunity to take anything. I got up right on time when he got in my kitchen and when I went outside I started yelling and he just ran off and didn’t take anything.

Reporter: Now did he leave anything behind?

Simon August, Victim of Aggrv. Robbery: Well he left quite a few things behind. The following day I did some investigation, I walked in the back even though the police was here, we found a knife, and I still have it in my possession and that was about it.  

According to August, he is concerned about these home invasions and about whether or not police will be able to apprehend the culprits. That’s because, according to him, when police went to his house to investigate the incident, they left behind their investigation kit, including the knife found at the crime scene. While police are investigating the latest incident on Monday, they are also warning residents to take necessary precaution as it relates to their home security.vlcsnap-2016-04-13-10h38m37s942vlcsnap-2016-04-13-10h38m27s175

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