4 months old baby Dashawn Dwehene is being treated in the KHMH after he was mistakenly shot by his father with a pellet gun. According to police, on Saturday, 18 year old, Tyreeka Welch, the mother of the 4 month old was at her Gales Point Village home with the father of the child 19 year old Lincoln Dwehene, when the father of the child reportedly went into the bedroom for a pellet gun; not realizing that the safety was off, the gun went off. Ispector Wilfred Ferruffino tells us more 

Wilfredo Ferrufino, National Crimes Investigations Branch: On Saturday the 9th of June, Dangriga Police visited the Southern Regional Hospital. They encountered a four month old child, suffering from what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the left lower back. The mother of the child, Taibica Welch: an eighteen year old resident of Gales Point, reported to the police that sometime that day, the father of the child Lincoln Dohini: a nineteen year old of the same village picked up a pellet gun and pointed it at the child, not realizing that the weapon was loaded, pulled the trigger and inflicted the injury on the child. The baby is at the hospital in KHMH in a stable condition and is expected to recover. The matter is being investigated and the charges that will be levied on the father will be dependent on the certification of the medical form.

. The 4 month old baby is expected to recover from the injuries.

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