4 persons arrested for Bank robbery

As we reported on Friday July 31st, for the second time in the last three years, the First Caribbean Bank of Belize, Belize City Branch was held up at gun point. It occurred about 8 or 9 am in broad daylight and the culprits, witnesses said, didn’t even bother to mask their identity which might have played a role in the quick apprehension of 4 individuals who police say were involved in the bank heist. The individuals are 22 year old Patrick Jones of Gabourel Lane, 33 year old Jermaine Belgrave of Courtney Crescent, 30 year old Jareth Crawford of Gabourel Lane and 24 year old Emmerson Skyers of Cemetery Road. On Saturday August 1st,  all four individuals were arrested and jointly charted for the crime of “Robbery.” Eyewitnesses, who were banking at the time the incident occurred, said it was a completely normal day at the bank when morning rush was just starting to pick up. The culprits were disguised as normal customers when all of a sudden they took down the security guards and proceeded to rob the bank at gun point. They reportedly helped themselves to some 100 thousand dollars before fleeing the scene. Police have not yet revealed if they have recovered any of the stolen cash.

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